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Worcester News

Executive Director of the Research Bureau, Paul Matthews, on the school committee going to district representation. 

Worcester Eats

Canal District Wines is open.  Hank spoke with owners Olivia and Rachel Scanlon.

The Enright Case

Telegram reporter Brad Petrishen covered the sensational Julia Enright case.  Now that she has been found guilty Brad gives us his observations. 


The Pandemic

Dr. Michael Hirsh tells us the Omicron variant is most likely already in America.  Vaccines and boosters are available for free via the city at the Public Library and Mercantile Center.


Worcester News

Tim Garvin, President and CEO of United Way of Central MA announced the winners of the million dollar Community Challenge on Talk of the Commonwealth.


The Pandemic

Worcester City Manager on some bad news for the holidays, Covid numbers on the rise, and good news for the holidays, the festival of lights the biggest yet.


The Scams

A new twist on an old scam.  Nancy Cahallen of the BBB brings us the latest on Government Imposter Scams. 


Health Care

Fallon Health is gearing up for Medicare’s Annual Election Period or AEP. This is the time each year when all Medicare beneficiaries are eligible to make changes to their coverage. Baby Boomers, in particular, will want to hear what Deb Daviau has to say.


The Scams

President of the BBB Nancy Cahalen talks Safety of Debit Cards vs Credit Cards


The City Manager

City Manager Ed Augustus talks Vaccine Mandate, Doherty Groundbreaking, Ballpark Commission, & More


Sponsor Segments

UniBank CEO Michael Welch joined Hank to talk about UniBank’s Charitable Community Contributions and the upcoming Giving Tree program.


Jermaine Johnson was the top vote getter in the Worcester School Committee election. He talks about the task ahead.

QCC President Dr. Luis Pedraja -” The five basic needs college students and society face:  hunger, homelessness, childcare, mental health, and transportation.”

Nancy Cahalen from the BBB on how to protect ourselves from Holiday Scams.

Mayor Joe Petty on being elected to a historic 6th term as Mayor of Worcester

Thursday’s during “Big Ben’s Sports Reports” at 8:35 we are joined by the Worcester Railers. This week “the voice” of the Railers Cam McGuire brought us an update on opening night, Joey Chestnut and the Railers first week.

The City

Worcester Mayor Joe Petty angry over what he sees as misinformation over the Worcester Public Schools Sex Ed. curriculum.

The Nation

Congressman Jim McGovern on his battle with Congressman Jim Jordan

The Debate

Radio Worcester/MassLive sponsored the District 1 Debate organized by Gary Rosen. Hank Stolz, Gary Roswn, and Melissa Hansen asked questions of Incumbent Sean Rose and challenger Rick Cipro.

Debate related media.

The Patch

Mass Live

The Campaigns

Colin Bennie, top American finisher, 7th overall, in the Boston Marathon. Former Wachusett Regional High School Track Star from Princeton, MA .


The Campaigns

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Geoff Diehl

Worcester Outdoors

Guillermo Creamer Calls Out Shanel Soucy, Alleges Homophobia


Worcester Outdoors

Hike Worcester Week October 9 – 17th. Colin Novic of The Greater Worcester Land Trust with everything you need to know.


Worcester News

Dr. Luis Pedraja President QCC on the QCC vaccination policy.

The Campaigns

City Councilor Donna Colorio is running for Mayor and promises the lowest residential tax rate and greater transparency.

The City Manager

Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus on the report on the Worcester Fire Department that has recommendations for preventing in the line of duty deaths.

Worcester News

State Senator Eric Lesser and the importance of manufacturing to the region following the Massachusetts Manufacturing Mash-Up at Polar Park.

The Scams

8  Tips to Stay Cyber Safe from Nancy Cahalen of the BBB

The Candidates

Candidate for School Committee Jermaine Johnson stopped by the studio to talk about his run for office.

The Pandemic

“We’re really at an inflection point right now.” Dr. Michael Hirsh talks about the latest Covid surge, lack of hospital beds and if those who’ve had Covid need a booster shot.

Worcester Eats

What’s a Ziggy Bomb? Ziggy the Cook gives us the lowdown and tells us where he’ll be “Popping Up” in the future.

Worcester News

Rose says Cipro will not be able to fulfill promises on public safety – Cipro says Rose is trying to turn this into a national election.

The Pandemic

Dr. Michael Hirsh gives us everything we need to know about the Worcester mask mandate.

The Pandemic

McGovern “I don’t get this. We have medical experts, we have scientists, who tell us what we need to do to actually stop this and yet we have people who are being defiant.”

Worcester News

Can I Buy Your Magic Bus? “The Worcester School Committee voted to end its association with the Durham bus company.”

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