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Hi, it’s Hank.  I just wanted to take a moment to welcome you to the website and tell you a little about why I started the Radio Worcester Network.  It really came out of a number of conversations I’ve had, and I think we’ve all had, over the last few years about the “media”.  The fear we have that we are losing our local voices.  That everything is just becoming homogenized glop that might as well be beamed into Worcester from the great plains.  I guess I’m part of the “media” but honestly, it’s not how I view myself.  I’m just the guy lucky enough to be in front of a microphone and be able to talk about what’s happening in our corner of the world.  

I bring all this up because it is central to our “back to the future” philosophy at Radio Worcester.  We want the relentlessly local approach of the radio of our youth coupled with the on-demand way in which people consume content today.   We stay in touch through social media and our interviews are available as a podcast.  When I talk about “relentlessly” local what I mean is our shows, our news, are done locally.  We know how to pronounce Worcester and Leominster.  

Radio Worcester Executive Producer Ben White and I are interested in talking about what’s happening in Central Massachusetts.  That doesn’t mean we ignore what’s happening in national politics, the world or the rest of the state it does mean that we want to provide a local take on those stories.  

Like most people and like morning shows of the past we have a variety of interests.  It makes for good conversation.  That’s what we’re after.  Good conversation with a local bent.  We feel you can do good in your community and do-good radio.  Our lineup of shows reflects that.  Thank you for joining us on the Radio Worcester Network.


Hey, I’m Ben White, the executive producer of the Talk of the Commonwealth on the Radio Worcester Network. I fell in love with radio listening to Sox games as a kid and continued my love affair with morning drive shows in High School. I ended up heading to Emerson College where I received a degree in Radio under the tutelage of the great Jack Casey, one of the original founders of WMJX “Magic” 106.7 . During my time in college, I interned at some of Boston’s most prestigious stations such as WZLX, WROR, WEEI, and more.

After school, I headed out to Worcester where I hooked up with the legendary Hank Stolz and the rest is history. I live on Vernon Hill here in Worcester and enjoy going on hikes with my dog and a cold beer with my friends.

All the best

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