Local Coverage of the Stories You Care About

Radio Worcester Network came out of a number of conversations co-founder Hank Stolz had, over the last few years, about the “media” and it’s evolution over the past twenty years.  We have lost our local voices.  Hank’s concern was the media that we are left with had become so homogenized that it might as well be beamed into Worcester from the great plains. 

Radio Worcester talks about what’s happening in Central Massachusetts.  That doesn’t mean we ignore what’s happening in national politics, the world, or the rest of Massachusetts. What it does mean is that we are going to provide a uniquely local take on those stories.  

Like most people and like morning shows of the past, we have a variety of interests.  It makes for good conversation.  That’s what we’re after.  Good conversation with a local bent.  We feel you can do good in your community and do-good radio. 

Our lineup of shows reflects that.  

Hank Stolz – Founder, Radio Worcester

Ben White – Executive Producer

Proud Member of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce