ACM Eric Batista talks TIF Policy & Enforcement

Jun 21, 2022


The SOMA (South of Madison) project has come under scrutiny by the Worcester City Council for lax reporting on and failing to hit hiring goals. Those goals were part of a TIF deal for the developer.

Worcester’s Acting City Manager Eric Batista told Talk of the Commonwealth it’s the beginning stages of the development and the city expects to see the numbers rise. A lot of projects that require steel work are happening in the state right now that can also impact the project at this stage when it comes to hiring from the city. More local companies will be involved as the interior work begins. As Batista points out “All these projects have a lot of implications, not only for the developer, but for the community. as a whole.”

The development of that area impacts how the ballpark will eventually be paid for. “The idea here is not to lay down the hammer to remove TIF’s from developers. The idea is to work with the developer to ensure they meet those goals.” “If the goal is just to be an enforcer all the time then we are not being a good partner and trying to work with them and ensuring they come back and develop and meet these standards.”

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