Augustus “Worcester Business Journal have been rooting for failure…”

Jan 25, 2022

“You know it is probably one of the most irresponsible pieces of journalism that I’ve seen in my nine years as City Manager.”

Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus called in to the Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz this morning (January 25, 2022) and had some sharp words directed towards the Worcester Business Journal regarding a recent article on Polar Park. “All payments that are due on the ballpark debt service are being made and made on time.” The City Manager was reacting to a story from the Worcester Business Journal (January 24, 2022) headlined “Downsized: Shrinking developments around Polar Park raise concerns about the stadium payoff plan.”

Brad Kane, Editor of the Worcester Business Journal, wrote in a note from the editor published on January 25 that “Because WBJ often stands alone in holding the project to account, this has created a perception among the stadium defenders that we are somehow anti-WooSox or anti-Worcester, which isn’t the case.” Kane also wrote “… if a project where a government gave $160 million toward a private business isn’t going so well, we are going to report on that.”

City Manager Ed Augustus forcefully stated , “…there is enough new development already in the pipeline to more than pay for, over 30 years, our share of the ballpark and to create surplus revenue.”

City Manager Augustus also said that he does not support a vaccine passport for Worcester and that he does not see a need for a Fire Commissioner out of the Manager’s office at this time.


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