Better Business Bureau – Airfare Scams

Airfare Scams. With many people getting back to traveling again this summer and the combination of airline staffing issues and the high cost of travel, it’s ripe for scammers. Gary Hunter, Director of Marketing and Communications gives us the heads up.

Getting More Random Texts From Companies?

If you feel like you’re getting more and more random texts from companies instead of calls or emails? You’re not wrong: Text marketing is on the rise, and annoyed consumers are sick of it. Nancy Cahalen from the BBB keeps us safe.

Scammers Now Impersonating Our Friends?!

Scammers have moved beyond impersonating government agencies and major retailers, now they are impersonating our friends! Nancy Cahalen President/CEO Better Business Bureau Serving Central & Western MA and Northeastern CT has tips for keeping you safe.

Protecting Sensitive Information

Taking some simple, proactive steps will go a long way in safeguarding against any number of potentially disruptive issues – like identity theft, loss of funds or credit card fraud – that can cause mayhem by compromising your data.

Check Your Google Business Profile Page!

BBB is advising businesses to be on the alert for two new scams relating to Google Business Profiles. Your Google Business Profile is another valuable tool for businesses to stay connected to customers, but as with all popular tools, the scammers see opportunity. The...

Cahalen- “Ukraine Charity Scams on the Rise”

Nancy Cahalen of the Better Business Bureau reminds us to be careful when donating to charity to help the people of Ukraine. Make sure you are donating to the organization you think you are and not to scammers.

Nancy Cahalen of the BBB warned us about “Romance Scams

Ahead of Valentine's Day Nancy Cahalen of the BBB warned us about "Romance Scams." Millions of people turn to online dating apps or social networking sites to meet someone. But instead of finding romance, many find a scammer trying to trick them into sending...

Nancy Cahalen

Nancy Cahalen

President /CEO

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BBB helps people find and recommend businesses and brands they can trust. At Better Business Bureau, the safety of our employees and their families are of utmost importance. We have implemented policies to respect social distancing, monitor employee health and limit in-person meetings with customers and businesses and continue to suspend all conferences, social gatherings, and in-person events.

Meetings by telephone and video conference will continue until further notice. All our services are available online. If you need additional assistance, please call or email during regular business hours.

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