Beijing headed towards lockdown? Dr. Michael Hirsh

Apr 26, 2022

Worcester, MA (Radio Worcester) – Dr. Michael Hirsh in an interview with Hank Stolz on the Talk of the Commonwealth morning show said the response of China to rising positive test results, including the possible lockdown of Beijing, is unlikely to be duplicated in America. That we would not implement the draconian measures the Chinese are using in the lockdown in Shanghai. Measures include metal barriers on streets and in apartment buildings and in some cases killing family pets.

Dr. Hirsh said for four days in a row locally the Covid tracker has not shown an increase. That the new variants are highly transmissible but are not putting people in the hospital the way earlier versions had. Most people are complaining of a runny nose, dry throat but not things that would have you go to the hospital. He does recommend high risk individuals to wear a mask in indoor situations.

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