Caring For Older Adults

Mar 30, 2022

Improving Your Health with Fallon Health’s Richard Burke

Caring for our aging loved ones is a big responsibility.  And there are many factors you should be considering when it comes to helping them achieve their health goals. 

In this month’s edition of “Improving your health with Fallon’s Richard Burke” we invite Jenn Maynard from Fallon’s Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly to discuss the health benefits of aging in place, innovative programs designed to keep older adults living at home as long as possible, and how such programs also support caregivers.

About Richard Burke

Richard Burke has served as President and CEO of Fallon Health since 2015 and has held numerous other leadership positions during his nearly 25-year tenure. In his current role, he has positioned Fallon—which is both a health plan and provider of care—to be a leader in providing high-quality, coordinated care and coverage to the diverse communities Fallon serves.

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