City Manager on City Square Parcels, New Schools, and Police Drones.

Apr 27, 2022

Worcester, MA (Radio Worcester – On his weekly visit to the Talk of the Commonwealth, City Manager Ed Augustus said it is too early to tell if the sale for five million dollars of the two remaining parcels of the City Square Project, the land across from the AC Marriott and the site of the former Notre Dame Church, are going to turn into actual developments.  “We’ve talked a little bit about their vision and our vision for these sites.  I’m not sure they’re in alignment….. I’m not sure what their plans are.”

On the ongoing drone controversy in the city, the Worcester Police Department wishes to purchase a drone for 25K, the CM has indicated he will approve it, but others have expressed concern over how it will be used.  “One of the things that has been a little frustrating about this debate has been people saying you’re not being transparent. Well wait a minute, I put an executive order in place that said before the city uses any surveillance technology we’re going to go to the city council even though we don’t necessarily need the council’s approval  We’re going to go to the council, we’re going to ask them for a public hearing that is the definition of transparency.  The fact that we’re proactively going out before we do anything saying this is what we want to do, this is how we want to use it – is transparent.”

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