CM Augustus Presents Last Budget to City Council Tonight

May 10, 2022

Worcester City Manager Ed Augustus will recommend approval of the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget for City Council review and consideration at the City Council meeting tonight. BUT we talked with him about it this morning!

Augustus touts the additions to the Fire Department that makes it safer and more effective. This was also written as a result of the top to bottom WFD report.

He says only 25%-30% of the budget is really left up for distribution after the Public Schools and Fixed Costs are taken into account. And this 25%-30% is what mostly gets debated.

On to the Denholm building: “We’re making good progress” Downtown density & entertainment & business: “It really is cool… It’s amazing” he says as he gives a ton of credit to Cliff Rucker. “[That energy] starts to feed on itself” and success & density begets more of the same.

On his last few weeks as City Manager and his advice to the next CM, “Be patient. Do as much as you can not to take it personally. Sometimes people can be passionate about what they feel strongly” … “Listening is probably the most important skill you can have in this job.”

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