Guest – Allen Fletcher: The History of the Blackstone Canal

Mar 11, 2022

tercentennial podcast

In this episode Hank and Amy visit with Allen Fletcher.  Allen talks about the history of the Blackstone Canal.  The canal was begun in 1825 and made business leaders in Boston very nervous about the Worcester/Providence connection promised by the canal. 

It was the canal that brought the Irish to Worcester. Fresh from digging the Erie canal, Tobias Boland, and his crew dug the Blackstone canal.  The city fathers made sure to drop them outside the city limits after the day’s work. Allen also tells us about the “Free the Blackstone” campaign from business leaders in what is now commonly referred to as the Canal District. A term unheard of a dozen years ago.  Although a replica of the Blackstone Canal has yet to materialize down Harding St. bars, restaurants, retail and a ballpark now call the area home. More housing is starting to pop up as well.

The future of the Canal District is bright and you can learn more about it, past, present and future on this edition of Tercentennial Talk.


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