Hank on Polar Park and Restaurant Closings

Nov 15, 2022


A handful of restaurants have closed in the Canal District in a short period of time. Others are thriving and new restaurants are planning on opening, so, as some suggest, is Polar Park having a negative impact on local restaurants? Hank argues that some have been against the ballpark from the start and are always looking to make it the villain and to blame Polar Park for restaurants going out of business doesn’t ring true. The restaurant business is tough, attrition is high. How do you overlook Covid and inflation as prime culprits? Tastes change, competition is stiff. The ballpark has 70 home games a year. Is that enough to build your business around? Is it enough to kill your business? It is clear there is a changing of the guard but would new restaurants, with new concepts, be opening in the area if they really felt the ballpark was going to harm business? You need more visible, inexpensive parking to support the Canal District, especially when the team has a homestand. Is that the responsibility of the WooSox to provide that parking? The city needs to work on that. 500,000 Worcester Red Sox fans can’t be wrong. The ballpark is good for Worcester and the businesses that figure out how to capitalize not just on the fans coming to Polar Park but to the thousands attending events at the ballpark will thrive.

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