Jake’s Fast $50 with Peterman

Dec 20, 2021


“Peterman” from the Worcester Bravehearts came by the Radio Worcester studio and I got to play Jake’s Fast $50. He apparently wanders the city seeking people to play the game and we had the left door unlocked. Peterman asks 8 questions in 50 seconds.  Get them all right and you get $50. 

Spoiler Alert: I did not get them all right. 

It is not made clear in the video but one that I missed is the “Roosevelt tree” planted in Worcester by President Teddy Roosevelt in 1905.  As far I can tell President Warren G. Harding, my guess to the question of which President planted a tree in Worcester, never visited the city. 

I do feel that calls for me to resign as the “Dean of the College of Useless Knowledge” are premature but I am clearly better at asking trivia questions then answering them. 


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