McGovern -“Nobody is putting words into Bill Barr’s mouth…”

Jun 16, 2022


Congressman Jim McGovern says that he hopes AG Merrick Garland indicts Donald Trump but that he doesn’t feel that is the main focus of the hearings. That the hearings are setting the historical record straight and showing how close we came to losing our democracy and having the 2020 election nullified.

On the makeup of the committee itself McGovern said that the Republican leadership made it so it was this committee or nothing and he would remind people that Liz Cheney is no liberal. Cheney and Adam Kinzinger both have very conservative voting records so that when people say this is partisan or just the Democrats trying to do something that is just “garbage.”

“I wish those people were as interested in getting to the truth, I wish they were as shocked by the fact that we came very close to losing our Democracy. This isn’t just your typical political debate, this is about the integrity of our system, whether we have a system.” “Nobody is putting words into Bill Barr‘s mouth, or Trump’s campaign manager or Trump’s lawyers.” “This should worry you and if it doesn’t then I worry about the future of our country.”

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