NAACP Worcester Upset About Departure of Chief Diversity Officer

Mar 8, 2022

kill the ball media

Photo- Joe Santa Maria, Kill the Ball Media

The NAACP Worcester is upset over the departure of Chief Diversity Officer Stefanie Williams. They question why Worcester is unable to keep anyone in the position for more than a short period of time. Fred Taylor, President Worcester Branch NAACP, appeared on Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz to talk about a statement they released that read in part – The time for symbolic gestures and resolutions has passed; today we are forced to stop and re-evaluate. Effective immediately, the Worcester NAACP is withdrawing as an institutional member of Worcester’s Tercentenary Committee. We are demanding the city not rush to hire a replacement simply to check a box. Our community needs answers first. We don’t want symbols; we want true change.


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