New Job Scam Interviews Candidates via Messaging App

May 4, 2022

You receive a message from someone interested in hiring you. It might come through email, text, or even a social media platform. At first, this “recruiter” seems professional. They claim to have seen your resume on a job search site and want to interview you for a position. But first, you need to download a messaging app, such as Telegram Messenger, an app that claims to be especially secure.

Once you download the app, the “recruiter” will ask you to complete a few interview questions. After giving you enthusiastic feedback, they will offer you a position with their company. That is followed by an official-looking contract to fill out and sign. After you sign, the scammer will ask for your name, address, date of birth, and banking information, claiming they need to add you to direct deposit payroll and other company systems.

Some versions of this scam don’t end there. As a new hire, you are referred to a “training manager” who will help you set up your home office.  This person sends you a check to buy a laptop and other supplies. After depositing the check, your contact will say that you were overpaid and need to return a portion of what you deposited. However, the check is a fake, and any funds you “return” to your new employer will be long gone.

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