Petty on Why He is For the Community Preservation Act

Apr 6, 2022

What is the Community Preservation Act

Worcester Mayor Joe Petty tells Radio Worcester why he wanted Asst. City Manager Eric Batista as Acting City Manager until a new City Manager is selected. Petty also explains why he is for the Community Preservation Act (Read about the CPA).  The City Council voted Tuesday night to have the Community Preservation Act (CPA Charter) placed on the ballot for Worcester to vote on.  If approved Worcester would have a real estate surcharge of most likely 1 but up to 3%.  If you own a home valued at $380,000 you would be paying about $45 a year towards the fund.  That money, which can be matched by the state, can then be used for open space projects, preservation projects and affordable housing.  Taxpayers already pay a Community Preservation Act surcharge that goes to the state.

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