Protecting Sensitive Information

Apr 19, 2022

Spring’s warmer weather inspires people to clean up or clear out clutter. The one area many people overlook isn’t the corner of a room or a forgotten closet; it’s the digital devices that we use every day.

We use these devices  to shop, scroll through social media, bank, and work. BBB wants to remind everyone that when clearing out the physical clutter, there’s probably a bunch of digital data clutter that lives on your electronic devices. 

As many businesses and their employees are still working from home, the focus on cybersecurity and protecting sensitive information is critical. If you have a few extra hours or minutes in your day, it may be a good time to give yourself a digital makeover. Taking some simple, proactive steps will go a long way in safeguarding against any number of potentially disruptive issues – like identity theft, loss of funds or credit card fraud – that can cause mayhem by compromising your data. 

Take the time to put into practice a few precautionary measures and you will have greater peace of mind – not only this spring, but all year round.

BBB is encouraging people to check their smartphones, laptops and tablets.

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