Radio Worcester Exclusive ! | New WooSox Theme Song

Jan 20, 2022

ellis hall

Dr. Charles Steinberg shared the first look at the WooSox ’22 theme song.  Just back from L.A. where the vocals were laid down, Dr. Charles came into the Radio Worcester studios to give an exclusive sneak peek to The Worcester Red Sox Show listeners.  WooSox ’22, with music and lyrics by Dr. Charles Steinberg and vocals by Ellis Hall will be “sweetened” to its final version in a couple of weeks.  


Ellis Hall is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor and composer.

Dr. Charles Steinberg is the President of the Worcester Red Sox.  He is well known for his love of the Beatles and rock and roll.  He has written many songs with the theme of baseball in them and wrote not only this year’s WooSox theme song but the theme for the team’s inaugural season as well.  Each week on the Worcester Red Sox Show, on the Radio Worcester Network, Dr. Charles Steinberg presents “The Music of Baseball.” 


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