Radio Worcester Welcomes Fallon Health to Podcast Line-Up

Jan 19, 2022

Improving Your Health with Fallon Health’s Richard Burke

Improving Your Health with Fallon Health’s Richard Burke will launch on January 26, 2022 at 8:35 AM. You can listen live right here or at anytime!

Improving Your Health with Fallon Health’s Richard Burke provides an experienced voice and local perspective on some of the biggest health care topics today—and the ones that matter most to you. During these monthly chats, you’ll hear directly from Fallon Health’s CEO Richard Burke who will weigh in on a wide range of hard-hitting topics and health care innovations.

About Richard Burke

Richard Burke has served as President and CEO of Fallon Health since 2015 and has held numerous other leadership positions during his nearly 25-year tenure. In his current role, he has positioned Fallon—which is both a health plan and provider of care—to be a leader in providing high-quality, coordinated care and coverage to the diverse communities Fallon serves.


A few weeks into 2022 and the focus on health care in our communities is already front and center. For industry leaders, priorities are two-fold. They include tackling the pandemic and the many challenges COVID-19 has exacerbated or highlighted, as well as improving health outcomes by addressing or preventing social determinants of health. So, where to start? Richard Burke discusses the three most pressing things that need to be addressed as we shape health care in our region in the new year.


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