Samantha Arsenault Livingstone on coach Don Lemieux

Feb 3, 2022


We made it to the top of the Olympic podium so we got all the press…but there were thousands of kid’s …that he impacted in similar ways.

Samantha Arsenault Livingstone found Olympic Gold at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney as part of the women’s 4 x 200 meter relay team. Her coach, Don Lemieux was by her side. Arsenault spoke with Hank Stolz about legendary swimming coach Don Lemieux who died unexpectedly on January 29th at the age of 65.

The influence of Lemieux on generations of swimmers and his impact on Gardner, the city and High School, can not be overstated. As the Gardner High swim coach Lemieux led the team to 15 straight championships, 16 overall. Along with Samantha Arsenault, Lemieux coached 16 Olympic Trial Qualifiers and Medalists.


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