Sossa-Paquette Announces Run for Congress

Jan 20, 2022

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette (R-Shrewsbury) is running for Congress in the MA-2nd District. He stopped by the Radio Worcester studios to appear on the Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz morning program. Among the issues talked about were how his personal life experience affects his views on adoptions, his entrepreneurial background and how the nation and MA have responded to the pandemic. 

About Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette

Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette is a husband, a father, a native New Englander, and an entrepreneur. After creating and building several successful businesses, employing hundreds of people, Jeff today owns a child care center in Worcester County. He and his husband Julian are raising two beautiful children, Ashley and Rylan. His website is


Proud Member of the Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce


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