State Rep. David LeBoeuf charged with OUI. Alcohol level 4X legal limit.

Apr 28, 2022

Worcester (Radio Worcester) – Congressman Jim McGovern joined Talk of the Commonwealth and was asked about the OUI arrest of Rep. David LeBoeuf.  McGovern said LeBoeuf is a friend and people should give him some time, he may need to get some help and people should also be supportive.  “You know there is really something kind of distasteful about when something like this happens that people feel like they have to pile on and pass judgment.  I hope that we can resist that.  I’m just grateful that he is safe, I’m grateful that nobody was hurt.  So he’s in my prayers and I wish him well.” 

Thirty-Two-year-old State Rep. David LeBoeuf of Worcester arrested and charged with OUI – reportedly blew four times the legal limit on the sobriety test – Police say he was driving on three wheels and other drivers were reporting the black SUV driving erratically on I-ninety-three in Milton before he was arrested in Quincy. State Police report nine empty nip bottles in the rear of the vehicle – and one empty can and one half full can of wine in the front cup holders.

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