WBDC Update On The Reactory Project

Feb 1, 2022

WBDC has been part of the project from its inception.

Roberta Brien talked about her role at the WBDC and updated us on The Reactory.  A project the WBDC has been part of from inception and will see through to completion.

During the wide ranging conversation the importance of pad ready sites was discussed as was the importance of the WBDC’s partners in bringing projects forward and to completion. Brien placed special emphasis on what makes a good fit for a project for a city and a neighborhood. 

The WBDC is not only listening to the developers bringing their ideas and helping them achieve their goals but also looking at the city they call home and thinking about what projects make sense.

Roberta Brien 

As the Vice President of Projects for the Worcester Business Development Corporation (WBDC), Roberta brings multi-faceted experience in real estate and project management to the organization. An integral part of the senior management team, Roberta works closely with the organization’s CEO and CFO on strategic planning and staff assignments, and monitors expenses, project revenues and capital budgets. Roberta also manages all the WBDC’s projects and oversees fee-for-service activities.


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