WinnDevelopment Set to Develop Former Boy’s Club Building

Jan 11, 2022

WinnDevelopment is ready to begin work by the end of the year on senior housing at the site of the old Boy’s Club building at Lincoln Square.  Winn V.P. and former Worcester City Manager Mike O’Brien laid out the details for the project on The Talk of the Commonwealth with Hank Stolz on the Radio Worcester Network.  O’Brien said they’ll be going vertical with the purchase of air rights and the building of a new structure that will then be linked to the old Boy’s Club and built above the Johnson Tunnel. 

Along with the apartments, community space will be part of the design.  The redevelopment and opening up of the north end of Main St. had been a priority of O’Brien’s as City Manager and now he will be able to shepherd this project to fruition.   

(Photo-Wikimedia Commons)

About Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien, Executive Vice President, has been part of the Winn Executive Team since January 2014. In his role, Mr. O’Brien is responsible for corporate management, strategic planning, and financial and client relationships at WinnDevelopment and WinnResidential. Prior to joining Winn, Mr. O’Brien spent nine years as the City Manager of Worcester.  

About WinnCompanies

WinnCompanies was founded in 1971 when Arthur Winn recognized the opportunity to develop high quality affordable housing that would be exceptionally well managed; accepted as community assets by public, private and non-profit stakeholders; and, treated with pride by its residents.


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